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The Port of Brussels is the pulsing heart of the city and the canal its vital artery. Crossing from one side of the capital to the other for over 14 kilometres, the canal serves a port area of 116 hectares: an economic hub, centre of nautical entertainment and a sea port.

The Port of Brussels aims to encourage transport by water (as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport) create jobs, take action against global warming and improve urban distribution.

It is Belgium’s second inland port, and only a 5-hour sail from the Port of Antwerp. Its quays stretch for 8.67 km, along the waterway that crosses the Brussels region from north to south. The port cluster is home to 350 companies and provides employment, either directly or indirectly, to almost 8,000 people!

As port operator, the port is also responsible for maintaining the canal and its infrastructures.

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Like many capitals, Brussels was created on a waterway, as an essential element in its economic development.

As a regional public interest organisation, the Port clearly reflects Brussels' economic, social and environmental ambitions.

The Brussels Capital Region is facing a set of challenges: demographic, economic, social, environmental, territorial… which have led to a new regional approach.

Urban mobility and the transition towards a more circular, virtuous and sustainable economy are two of the priorities within the Brussels government.

As a public interest body and legal entity, the Port of Brussels has four groups of public shareholders.

As a public interest body and legal entity, the Port of Brussels has four groups of public shareholders.

The issue of transport and logistics goes far beyond the institutional boundaries of the Region.

The Port of Brussels is a public interest body and, as a legal entity, obliged to publish its activity report every year, in complete transparency.

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