Sporting activities

There's always something to do at the Port of Brussels

Did you know that the Port of Brussels is home to a great many sports clubs? They go there to sail, row, kayak and play other water sports. What are you waiting for – you're not afraid of cold water, are you?

Logically, the port and its facilities are a bit of a niche setting for countless sporting and recreational clubs that work on the water. This includes the many rowing, sailing and canoeing clubs, as well as the Brussels Seascouts and the 104 FOS Roodbaard. Speaking of rowing, have you read the fascinating interview with Caitlin Govaert, our Olympic rower, and Olivier Olbregts, Chair and coach of the UNB (Union Nautique de Bruxelles)?

There really is something for everyone: had you heard of the Royal Belgian Sea Cadet Corps, for example? This nautical youth movement organises adventures on the water for children from the age of 9 and is the ideal way to learn all about boating, sailing, life at sea, tying knots, reading a maps and compass, safety, First Aid, etc. 

And, of course, if water activities can be combined with ecological commitments, that's great too. Canal It Up does this by organising kayaking activities in which volunteers go and fish out floating waste on the canal every week.

No interest in physical effort, but instead in enjoyment and relaxation? Did you know that excursions (in groups or individually) are organised on the canal all year round? These involve a combination of a boat trip, walk and tour.

As you can see, the Port of Brussels offers a whole range of sporting and recreational activities. A full list of clubs active on the canal and its banks can be found here.


Published on 14/02/22